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Amazon Tree Boa Facts

Scientific Name: Corallus hortulanus

Length:  1.5 – 2.1 meters (5 – 7 feet)

Lifespan:  Amazon Tree Boa’s live on average 20 years.

Distribution of the Amazon Tree Boa:


These Boas feed mainly on small mammals, frogs, birds and occasionally small reptiles.

In the wild the female will only ovulate 2 – 3 months after copulation. After a gestation period of 6 – 8 months she then gives birth to live young.  The Amazon Tree Boa gives birth to 8 – 14 young.
This species of snake is arboreal and takes preference to humid areas such as rain forests but can also be found in savannah and dry forest biomes.

Interesting facts on Amazon Tree Boas

Amazon Tree Boas spend most of their lives in trees. They hunt for prey, drink rainwater off leaves, mate and give birth all up in trees.
They are also known as the Garden Tree Boa and are sometimes incorrectly called a Cook’s Tree Boa which is a totally different species.
Below the eyes, above their mouth is a pair of sensory organs or ‘”pit organs”. These sensors are capable of detecting the slightest change of temperature close to the snake which helps the Boa in firstly detecting nearby prey and detecting possible predators that may be nearby. Even if totally blinded the Amazon Tree Boa can use the sensors to hunt prey and detect predators.  
Amazon Tree Boas have a pair of “anal claws” called spurs which protrude at the sides of the cloaca. The spurs are sometimes used by the males to induce copulation.
The male has larger spurs than the female.
The spurs are also thought to be the remnants of hind legs that were lost in the evolution from lizards into snakes.
Amazon Tree Boas are very aggressive and with their long needle-like teeth can inflict a very painful bite.

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